Fiberoptic Cable

Royle manufactures a range of lines for processing single mode and multi-mode fiber. Royle recommends that cable manufacturers buy uncolored fiber from known world-class suppliers. Royle produces lines to handle the conversion of uncolored fiber to the full range of indoor and outdoor fiber cable applications. Each line is uniquely designed to optimize the performance on the types of fiber optic cables that are defined by customers for their specific projects.

Types of Fiber Processing Lines

Fiber coloring line
Tight buffering line for single and multi-mode fibers
Loose tube buffering line with gel fill and excess length control for 1 to 24 fibers
Stranding line for SZ assembly of 6 to 12 tubes on a central strength member with gel fill and taping
Jacketing / Sheathing line for indoor and outdoor with accessories for overhead support, gel fill and armor
Mechanical and Optical test equipment as part of total factory technical support

Extruded Materials

PBT, Nylon and PP for tubes and HFFR, PE and PVC for sheaths