Royle is a world-renowned manufacturer of rugged, high performance extruders and extrusion lines that serve a variety of applications and markets within the wire and cable industry as well as rubber industry.

One of Royle’s core competencies is the design and configuration of complete extrusion systems. For more information on our primary product offerings, just click on the following links:

In addition to complete systems, we offer a wide range of plastic and rubber extruders and a full range of wire line components, including:

  • Extruders
  • autoLine controls
  • Wire Line Components
    • Payoffs, take-ups, and accumulators
    • Capstans
    • CV tubes and accessories
    • Cooling systems

Founded in 1855 and the proud owners of the 1st patent for single screw extruders in 1885, Royle is a pioneer in the industry and has a long history of supplying rugged, durable extrusion equipment around the globe.