Royle machines are legendary in the industry for their performance.  With a long list of industry achievements, we are proud to share our history with you.

Royle was founded in 1855 in Paterson, New Jersey, USA, by John Royle and his two sons, John and Vernon, which was the basis for the original company name, John Royle & Sons.  The company thrived on the capabilities of John, the machinist, and Vernon, the engineer.  Royle developed the screw type extruding machine, which was patented in 1885.  The extruder line of products was first developed for the rubber industry as the automobile industry grew, and then expanded to serve the wire and cable industry as the demand for electricity and telephones grew.  Royle still serves the rubber and wire and cable industries with its primary products.

In 1939, the Royle family sold the business to the Ramsey family.  The Ramsey family is still the majority owner of Royle today with the 4th generation of the Ramsey family managing the business.  Royle has moved several times over the years within New Jersey to accommodate increasing demand for its products and our new facility is located in Oakland, New Jersey.

Royle has been a global leader in the industry, with exports accounting for over 50% of our sales revenue for several decades.  In 1992, Royle established a joint venture company in India, Royle Extrusion Systems Ltd, which is located in Pune, Maharashtra, India. In 1999, Royle purchased the shares of the joint venture partner, so Royle Extrusion Systems Ltd is now a 100% owned subsidiary of Royle Systems. In 2009, Royle built modern new facilities in Pune, India, which is fully supported by Royle’s design and business team in the United States.