Insulating and Sheathing

Royle manufactures a wide variety of thermoplastic / thermosetting insulating and sheathing lines that use water in open troughs to cool or to cure the insulated or sheathed cable.  Each line is uniquely designed to optimize the performance on the wires and cables that are defined by customers for their specific projects. 

Types of Thermoplastic Lines

Electronic and automotive wire insulation lines
Telephone and LAN insulation and sheathing lines
Coaxial wire and cable micro / mini and RG and trunk insulating and sheathing lines
Building or installation wire insulation and/or sheathing lines
LOW VOLTAGE Power cable insulation and/or sheathing lines

Types of Open Trough Thermosetting Lines

LOW VOLTAGE water cured PE insulation line
Triple MEDIUM VOLTAGE Open Trough insulating line
Low Voltage Dual Insulating / Sheathing line for EB materials radiation cured off line

Extruded Materials

PE, PVC, Nylon, TPR, water curable, EB curable and many other types of materials