Upgrades and Retrofits

Are you trying to achieve greater productivity, higher levels of precision, or better quality?Depending on the upgrade or retrofit, the following benefits can be realized – improved dimensional accuracy of products, improved quality of extrudate, increased productivity and reduced scrap.

Retrofitting or upgrading your Royle machine can cost far less than purchasing a new machine to do just that.  We’ve worked for many years with hundreds of customers to deliver the right retrofit or upgrade to achieve their specific goals.  Royle has always designed rugged machines and used high quality materials in the manufacturing process to assure long life, so retrofitting and upgrading often provides a better return on investment than buying new. We’ve developed solutions for machines that are more than 75 years old, so age is rarely an issue.

Examples include:

  • Upgrading discrete temperature and operator controls with autoLine system having touchscreen interface to computer and PLC to improve performance of the process and quality of the products
  • Retrofitting old extruder worm gearboxes with helical gearboxes to provide increased thrust and torque capacity in the same space envelope 
  • Retrofitting roller feed systems with drive to feed rubber strips more reliably and roller guard to assure operator safety
  • Upgrading extruder barrel heating system from Spirobe to Alurobe cast Al heaters / coolers with integral under barrel heat exchanger system
  • Retrofitting splice box with liner mounted integral marking system to provide indent marking on surface of cables
  • Upgrading CV steam/water interface control system for 100% improvement stability of position
  • Retrofitting accumulator systems to eliminate shocks to system when changing payoff reels
  • Retrofitting capstans with gearboxes and AC variable speed drives to eliminate change gears and to increase tension capacity to eliminate operator errors and to improve performance

Talk with our process solution experts about your material and equipment issues.  Our engineers will work with you to provide a thorough assessment of your needs and recommend a customized solution.