Wire Line Components

Royle manufactures a wide range of types and sizes of components that complement our extruders for CV lines and plastic lines.  Each component is uniquely designed to optimize the performance of the specific line on the wires and cables that are defined by customers for their specific projects. 


Extruders 35mm to 250mm for all applications with single, dual and triple crossheads with fixed or adjustable centering

Payoffs, Takeups, and Accumulators:

Single payoffs and takeups diameters from 24” (630mm) to 136” (3400mm)
Dual flyer payoffs and dual takeups diameters from 24” (630mm) to 50” (1250mm)
Accumulators and dancers diameters from 8” (200mm) to 84” (2100mm)


Capstans belt type reversing diameters from 24” (630mm) to 144” (3600mm)
Capstans caterpillar type from 36” (900mm) to 84” (2100mm) gripping length
Water cooled types from 12” (300mm) to 36” (900mm)

CV Accessories:

CV splice boxes with 2 ½” (65mm) to 10” (250mm) telescoping liners
CV pipes bent to catenary curve and straight from 2 ½” (65mm to 10” (250mm) diameter
CV cable position controls external load cells and in-tube, contact and non-contact types
CV water pump systems to control steam / water and gas / water interface position
CV by-product removal and recirculating systems
CV water and gas seal systems with auxiliary seal for lead wire
Cooling trough systems, heated, refrigerated, insulated, multi pass types

Quality Controls:

Diameter, concentricity, printing, indenting, electrical tests